Music from an imaginary land


About the band


Formed in 2015 in Groningen, the Netherlands, AVA Trio has toured in the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and China; taking part in international festivals such as Doek Festival Amsterdam, ZomerJazzFietsTour, Barletta Jazz Festival, OCT-Loft Shenzhen Jazz Festival, XiHu Blooms Music Festival. Their debut album "Music from an Imaginary Land" has received great critique and has been featured on Dutch national media VPRO as well as airplays all across the globe, from Greece, Australia, to USA and Mexico.

The trio recorded their second album “Digging the Sand” at the Grammy-nominated ArteSuono Studios in April 2018. The album will be released in Fall 2019 on Marocco Music

Giuseppe Doronzo - baritone saxophone

Esat Ekincioglu - double bass

Pino Basile - percussions





Music from an Imaginary Land (Trytone Records) - 2017

"AVA Trio is doing something musically, that no one else is up to. The Netherlands based group has done a masterful job of blending regional influences as well as balancing ethnic inspirations with free improvisation, thus genuinely creating Music From An Imaginary Land as both a concept and a musical experience." 4.5/5 stars AllAboutJazz Selected as ‘Best Debut Album of 2017’ by Karl Akkerman


"Hun spel is intelligent maar ook vervuld van geestdrift en emotie."                        4/5 stars Trouw


“…authentic jazz performed in a brilliant way, but combined with real-world music from the Mediterranean, both from the Africa side and the European side. And overall this will be a new and brilliant music every day, every time you hear it.” Salt-Peanuts


"Naast jazz en vrije improvisatie zijn er allerlei mediterrane sferen...Mooi gedaan." 4/5 stars Dagblad van Het Noorden


"They succeed in creating a well-balanced music with a more thorough integration of elements of improvisation, jazz and music from the Middle East.... this is interesting and satisfying effort, that convinced me most of all by their delicate and concentrated performance. "

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